Drinking beers and Jameson in the back alley with the @YalanPapillions #OhioHomies #madambutterfly (at Spreckels Organ Pavillon in Balboa Park)

9 hours ago

Drive like Jehu w/ Dr. Carol Williams. #balboapark #drivelikejehu (at Balboa Park Organ Pavillion)

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photo cred: @kaz00_sv (at The Alibi)

1 day ago

Happy Birthday Misako!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (at Hilcrest, San Diego)

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Once upon a time, my friend @jeperkins and I started a rap group called “The Weirdboys”. Our hit single was called “weird dough”. Thank god this never amounted to anything but good memories. :) #tBt

3 days ago

Rackin’ up tickets with @huevosandeggs before work. (at Dave & Buster’s San Diego)

4 days ago

I just drank a “Go Girl”. (at Ralphs)

6 days ago

Free Kombu!! #pacific-beach (at Pacific Coast Beach)

6 days ago

Look who we randomly at Paciffic Beach! @adamfox @djmanwell @detox614 #oneinnamillionchance #OHIO (at PB beach)

6 days ago

All Kalbi the dog needs is a bone and a homie. And some Beyoncé. (at Hillcrest in Downtown San Diego, CA)

6 days ago